We had the opportunity to share about the Red Cloud Project!

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One World Period Livestream

On Menstrual Health Day (May 28th 2020), Red Cloud Project was invited to do a segment on Religion and Menstruation as part of the One World Period event, organised by Irise International. We talk about how menstruation is viewed within the lens of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.

We have interviewed multiple religious leaders over a span of 6 months to explore the theological lens, as people have shamed menstruating women in the name of culture and religion. Using extracts from Dear Big Sisters, we are here to set the record straight! Find the link to the segment below.

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Periods and Media Podcast

Red Cloud Project and designer Sophia Luu got together with Irise International to talk about periods and media. In this podcast, we talk about the process of making the Red Cloud Project campaign, from finding the resources to endless rounds of feedback and peer-reviewing.

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UAL Articles

We were featured in two UAL articles to share our journey starting a design studio as UAL alumni and about the Red Cloud Project.