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 From left to right: Safiya Ahmed, Maria Than, Bristy Azmi, Anna Tsuda 

Rights Studio Fellowship

This project was developed as the first Fellowship of the Rights Studio , a new creative initiative by CRIN. The Fellowship seeks to support young artists to explore art for human and children's rights activism.

It was piloted in 2019 with four BA Graphic Design alumni from UAL Camberwell College of Arts: Safiya AhmedBristy AzmiMaria Than, and Anna Tsuda.

Medical Disclaimer

Although we have done research within the health field and have cross-referenced our content with certified doctors, gynaecologists, and health specialists, please do not use this book as a replacement for medical advice. It has been written to complement existing medical literature, papers, information and advice, which we recommend you seek directly. This is a general book which we encourage to be used as a conversational and reflective tool for readers.


From your big sisters,


We have made this book to help you through

the intricate and wonderful details of menstruation. We have done our research

and consulted experts. We also asked our friends around the world to send in their menstruation-related experiences to help

you understand things that will happen before, during and after puberty. You can read them at the end of each chapter. This IS for you to know that you're not alone in this!


It is important to be kind and supportive to people around us because we may all experience problems and inconveniences related to menstruation at some point in our lives. We hope that this book will help you develop a positive attitude towards this essential part of your life and be kind to all of your friends.

It's a guide, not a novel!

This isn’t a linear narrative, but a general guide with lots of information which you can flick through whenever you want to know something. We have divided the book in three levels based on age-appropriate information and colour-coded it:

Age 11 & Above

Introduces the topic of puberty, what to expect when you start menstruating and the different period products out there. Topics included in this stage are suitable for children between the ages of 11 to 13 years old.

Age 14 & Above

Further explores the science and biology of menstruation, the stages/ phases and things like PMS and PMSDD. These topics are deemed suitable for the ages of 14 to 16 years old.

Age 17 & Above

Deals with more mature content like female genital mutilation, period poverty and menopause. These are topics that would be more appropriate for an audience of 17 years old and above.



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Period-themed AR Instagram filters!

In continuation with our aims to tackle period poverty and stigma, we designed and built several period-themed filters that can be used on Instagram. We aim for our users to share their experiences with menstruation on social media using our filters, as a way to open up the conversation around periods. The best way to tackle the taboo is to talk about it! Try them out by visiting @riceboxstudio.