We would like to thank everyone who peer-reviewed, advised, contributed and supported us to develop this fantastic project. Give them all a round of applause! 

Child Rights International Network (CRIN) & Rights Studio

  • Veronica Yates (Director)

  • Lianne Minasian (Deputy to the Director)

  • Miriam Sugranyes (Art Director and Illustrator),

  • Victor Sande-Aneiros (Editor)

  • Bene Lombe (Communications Director)

  • Larisa Abrickaja (Regions Manager)


and everyone at CRIN for their support and peer reviewing!

Religious Leaders and Period Activists


Peer Reviewers

and all of the under 18s to whom we reached out to. 


  • Florence Low for the Gender and Menstruation chapter

  • Radha Paudel for the Dignified Menstruation chapter

  • and Manasa Gade for her overall contributions and editing.

We thank everyone who submitted their period stories.

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