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We would like to thank everyone who peer-reviewed, advised, contributed and supported us to develop this fantastic project. Give them all a round of applause!

Child Rights International Network (CRIN) & Rights Studio

  • Veronica Yates (Director)

  • Lianne Minasian (Deputy to the Director)

  • Miriam Sugranyes (Art Director and Illustrator),

  • Victor Sande-Aneiros (Editor)

  • Bene Lombe (Communications Director)

  • Larisa Abrickaja (Regions Manager)

  • Everyone at CRIN for their support and peer reviewing!

Religious Leaders and Period Activists

  • Rabbi Sybil Sheridan

  • Imam Aarij Anwer

  • Dr. Lidia Wojtczak

  • Dr. Haifaa Younis

  • Natasha Chawla

  • Avni Chag

  • Rev'd. Jonathan MacNeaney

  • Sophie Ascheim (The Pad Project, PERIOD. End of sentence.)

  • Amika George (Free Periods)

  • Lauren Anders Brown (WOMENstruate)

  • Mashiyat Rahman (Resurgence)

  • Radha Paudel (Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation)

  • Theresa Nyava (Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe)

Peer Reviewers

  • Hannah Ellis

  • Sinead Evans

  • Sophia Luu

  • Paul Emorut (Akworot Mukuju Active Youth Association)

  • Joe Seavey (Nagoya International School)

  • Women of Wimbledon (Wimbledon High School For Girls)

  • Robert Mukondiwa (Journalist)

  • Dorry Smith (Days For Girls)

  • Rosani Limbu (Nurse)

  • Aurore Sajust de Bergues (medical student at Université Paris Descartes)

  • Dr. Haifaa Younis

  • Rabbi Sybil Sheridan

  • Project Soar Morocco

  • All of the under 18s to whom we reached out to.


  • Florence Low for the Gender and Menstruation chapter

  • Radha Paudel for the Dignified Menstruation chapter

  • Manasa Gade for her overall contributions and editing.

  • We thank everyone who submitted their period stories.

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